finnlabs participates in World IT Show, Seoul

B. Lindenthal / Monday, June 03, 2013

What do Psy's Gagnam Style and the newest IT and high-tech development have in common? – Both can be admired at the World IT Show in Korea, Seoul.


World IT Show 2013, Seoul.

The World IT Show is one of the most popular trade shows for IT Industry. It took place in Seoul, Korea, from May 21st - May 24th, 2013. The topics of the show were Mobile & Broadcasting, Cloud Computing / Smart Work, Software / Digital Contents, IT Convergence as well as Industrial Electronics.

World IT Show

finnlabs participates in World IT Show 2013, Seoul.

The IT Show presents state-of-the-art, innovative and revolutionary technologies, and offers an ideal communication platform for businesses working within the global IT ecosystem.
finnlabs participated in the workshops and business meetings with Korean and international companies and successfully presented the company mission and the vision of the OpenProject developments.

Sponsoring the TEDxBodensee (Lake Constance)

B. Lindenthal / Friday, May 31, 2013

Logo_TEDx Bodensee

On Friday, May 31st, 2013 the TEDxBodensee (Lake Constance) took place for the second time. finnlabs is again sponsor of this great event.

As diverse as the region around Lake Constance, as many-sided are people, opportunities and projects in this area. The lake not only connects countries, but also ideas and inspirations. Collecting these ideas and presenting them to an audience is the goal of TEDxBodensee.

Guest speakers
  • Verena Bentele (athlete, HR Trainer and Coach, Tettnang&München)
  • Thomas Brandt (Zeppelin, Friedrichshafen)
  • Wolfgang Huang (Lindauer Nobel prize winner conference)
  • Sandra Reichmann (Sport Science Academy, Uni Konstanz)
  • Michael Riethmüller (BUY LOCAL, Ravensburg)
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Marketing campaign for Berlin's IT community

B. Lindenthal / Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Logo_redefine the future
That's great news! Finally, Berlin realized how much potential all these new IT start-ups and companies have, popping up like mushrooms, growing fast, and transforming Berlin to an internationally recognized IT capital.

"You can achieve whatever you envision. With IT. In Berlin." A new marketing campaign is initiated by the Berlin state initiative Project Future and with numerous other partners taking part in the project.
The positioning worked out for Berlin can be summed-up in a single sentence: "This is where the IT, research and creative industries come together to reinvent the digital world". finnlabs is proud to become partner of this campaign redefine the possible. login. berlin.


redefine the possible. login. berlin.

The campaign appeals to IT decision makers, companies, specialists and investors to play an active role in the development of the IT location. This will create even better conditions for companies to grow, attract new employees, and make the city as a whole more attractive and successful.
Berlin – the place to be.

finnlabs at HPI Connect 2012

B. Lindenthal / Friday, November 02, 2012

Once again, finnlabs participated in the HPI-Connect, the networking event of HPI students and IT companies, organised by the Hasso-Plattner-Institut. Thanks to all HPI students for the interesting conversations.

HPI Connect

HPI-Connect 2012, 1st November 2012, Hasso-Plattner-Institut

The contact to HPI is very close since one of the founders, Wieland Lindenthal, as well as the majority of finnlabs' software engineers and working students graduated from HPI or are still studying.
The finnlabs team is looking for new full-time employees as well as working students to support the team.

Check out the career site to find out more about the job offerings.

finnlabs becomes a member of the OpenProject Foundation

B. Lindenthal / Thursday, November 01, 2012

OpenProject is an open source web-based project management platform. Yes, yet another platform, but it will make a difference.

OpenProject. Open mind.

finnlabs is proud to become a member of the OpenProject Foundation (OPF). The OPF actively supports the development of the software and provides official guidance to the community. Various companies, organisations as well as individuals contribute not only program code but also requirements, designs, and their opinions and ideas.

Why another project collaboration platform? What is the difference to other open source projects, i.e. Redmine or ChiliProject?
Most of the existing open source collaboration projects and their communities focus on individuals, participating as a spare time project. OpenProject also includes companies and organisations and considers their requirements and ideas to improve the software, e.g. in terms of data privacy, security, usability and accessability. OpenProject provides a place to collaborate, exchange ideas, best practices and new requirements for companies, such as finnlabs, as well as individuals.

Therefore, finnlabs is very keen on the developments of OpenProject.

Keep track of your projects

B. Lindenthal / Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Open for innovation. finnlabs presented OpenProject as a success story to Berlin's "Projekt Zukunft", made to create.

made to create

Berlin - Made to Create

The article gives a short summary of the motivation behind OpenProject and presents Niels Lindenthal, founder of finnlabs, and his view on Berlin's Open Source community.

Read the article here .

The Functional Club at finnlabs

M. Kahl / Sunday, August 19, 2012

This week we hosted the FunClub’s August session at finnlabs.

While everyone enjoyed free pizza and drinks our Tim Felgentreff talked about fexprs and how this one construct is (almost) everything you need to define a complete programming language. His talk was inspired by a great blog post, which you should definitely check out if you want to learn more. Also all the code can be found at Tim’s github repository.

finnlabs presents success story "before" - Beta-Test-Center for Deutsche Telekom at meet & greet mit open source berlin: Problem gelöst! Dank Freier Software. - Problem solved! Thanks to open source software.

OpenSource Berlin

meet & greet with open source berlin: Problem solved! Thanks to open source software.

Early feedback from customers to new product ideas is essential for the future success of the product. finnlabs has developed a Beta-Test-Center for Deutsche Telekom, based on the Open Source software ChiliProject.


Screenshot of the Telekom Beta-Test-Center.

The platform was launched in December 2011.
It includes features, such as
  • test management via projects
  • bug reporting via tickets
  • roles: admin, test manager, tester
  • user maintenance and selection
  • news, forums
  • user profiles
  • community
  • surveys
  • incentives
  • wireframes
Development teams can regularly present new features or products to their test group. The customer gets access to new interesting projects and can actively steer the development of the product by reporting bugs and discuss new features.

We have released two new plugins which where developed during a client project. We think they will also be useful for the public, so we are sending them out into the wild.

ChiliProject Activity Module

Activity Module is a simple plugin, that solves one problem. We were using ChiliProject for more than just project management and issue tracking. One particular project e.g. is used as a knowledge-base with FAQs and training material available for all users. Since its main purpose is to provide the content buried in the wiki and forums, we wanted to deactivate the Activity tab within the project menu. It was of no use for the given project and simply occupied space, that could be used for other things.

So ChiliProject Activity Module simply allows you to deactivate that tab in the project menu. Or in other words: Activity becomes a project module, just like Issue Tracking and Wiki.

You may find the sources and detailed installation instructions at the plugin’s GitHub page.


Plugin Activity Module: Deactivating the Activity tab

ChiliProject Wiki Tabs

Wiki Tabs was developed for the very same project. We wanted to have multiple wiki sections, so to say. With ChiliProject Wiki Tabs you are able to add tabs to the project menu, which point to certain wiki pages. These settings can be configured per project and you can have as many tabs as you like. To support the feeling of separate wiki sections, Wiki Tabs also manages the currently highlighted tab. So whenever you are on a wiki page, that is configured to be a tab in the project menu or on a child page, the right tab will be highlighted in the menu.

Again, you may find the sources and detailed installation instructions at the plugin’s GitHub page.


New wiki tabs

See also, for further description.

New design for ChiliProject

N. Lindenthal / Sunday, October 09, 2011

During the last few weeks finnlabs has worked on a new design for ChiliProject. We didn’t start from scratch. Eric Davis had already spent a lot of effort in this area. It was already a major improvement and a great starting point for our initiative.


Screenshot of the new ChiliProject design

You can see the latest results on Everyone is invited to create an account in this installation and play around. We will continuously deploy new versions in the next couple of weeks. I am quite happy with the first results, however there still is a long way to go.

The focus of our first sprint were the following design components:

  • ChiliProject logo (first shot)
  • Header, including a new project menu with search and autocompletion
  • The project menu (previously the project tabs) on the left

The code is published in the finnlabs repository on GitHub.

Our goals for the next sprint are:

  • Integration of your contributions and comments
  • Project home page redesign
  • Wiki redesign

Thanks to Holger Just and Felix Schäfer for their helpful advice and guidance.

If anyone in the ChiliProject community is interested in helping out, please send us your contributions and comments, for example on the associated forum thread on