finnlabs becomes a member of the OpenProject Foundation

B. Lindenthal / Thursday, November 01, 2012

OpenProject is an open source web-based project management platform. Yes, yet another platform, but it will make a difference.

OpenProject. Open mind.

finnlabs is proud to become a member of the OpenProject Foundation (OPF). The OPF actively supports the development of the software and provides official guidance to the community. Various companies, organisations as well as individuals contribute not only program code but also requirements, designs, and their opinions and ideas.

Why another project collaboration platform? What is the difference to other open source projects, i.e. Redmine or ChiliProject?
Most of the existing open source collaboration projects and their communities focus on individuals, participating as a spare time project. OpenProject also includes companies and organisations and considers their requirements and ideas to improve the software, e.g. in terms of data privacy, security, usability and accessability. OpenProject provides a place to collaborate, exchange ideas, best practices and new requirements for companies, such as finnlabs, as well as individuals.

Therefore, finnlabs is very keen on the developments of OpenProject.